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New Research and Campaigns team

There is now a research and campaigns team (team members: Jackie Evans, Kay Williams, Seb Fielding, and Andy Jones). We are currently discussing the potential campaigns that would most benefit CANS. We have identified a particularly important area of research: the impact of the transition to Universal Credit will have on clients. We look forward to ‘taking the baton’ from Holly Law and promoting the difference that CANS is making for the lives of our clients.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we are looking into how we can understand the impact of DWP procedures on our clients who self identify as suffering from mental health problems. In forthcoming week’s, the research and campaign team will announce its campaigns and we are looking forward to engaging with you.    

added 10 May 17

Call for evidence - Mental health and people’s wider practical problems

Citizens Advice is undertaking new research in England and Wales to understand the relationship between people’ mental health and wider practical problems. We want to understand how having a mental health condition can make it difficult for people to manage other practical aspects of their lives, such as money, debt, housing, benefits, utilities and employment. We want to find out about specific processes and practices which make it harder for people with mental health problems to manage these wider aspects of their lives, and whether people find it easy or difficult to access help and support with these issues. We also want to understand how practical problems and lack of support to cope with these problems can affect people’s mental health.

Closing date: 31st May 2017 For further information contact :

added 10 Apr 17