Staff – training


Hello Casebook, Goodbye Petra!

Casebook is coming soon and we will wave goodbye to Petra! We go live in September and training will be available before then. The July staff meeting will be dedicated to Casebook so please come along if you can. If you have not had a look yet then check out the demo site.

There is also a useful FAQs document available. 

I think we will find it much more logical system to operate.

added 10 May 17

Benefit sanctions

This is an e-learning which looks at sanctions. From it you should be able to:

  • understand what a sanction is and when it can be applied
  • help clients with the process that should be followed when a sanction is applied and understand the implications and understand the potential impact on any other benefits.

added 3 May 17

Universal Credit

Universal credit is already here for a few claimants and if you would like to have a look in more detail then CA have produced their own training pack. I have not looked at it myself in detail yet but I suggest if you have any questions then ask Rhys or Sara as their expert knowledge is so strong.

added 20 Apr 17

Bereavement allowances

There was an interesting article on the impact of changes to bereavement allowances in the Guardian this week. Read the article here.

added 10 Apr 17