Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champion

Please vote for our charity to be part of Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions! This means that if you are a Lincolnshire Co-op member, every time you shop and use your dividend card a donation will be given to your local Community Champion! You are only able to vote if you are a member and have a dividend card. We will be up for a vote in the Willoughby Road community. If this does not appear when you visit the page, please use the map that will appear on the page where you are able to search for Citizens Advice North Lincolnshire.

Being a Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champion would ensure we are able to help more people who seek help from us. It would also enable us to increase awareness of our charitable status. This is because so many people don’t realise that we are a local independent charity and we rely on the support and donations of others to be able to provide our services! The cost of living crisis is impacting so many of us right now, and this especially the case for many of our clients. Thus, we are seeing an increased demand in people needing our support to get by. Your help means we are able to provide for this increase.

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